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I have seen many gate kits in the fencing industry and nothing comes close to the functionality, strength and look of this kit. I needed a specialty gate built on a custom pool job and everyone was 3 weeks out on fabrication (with the factory powdercoat) but I was able to buy the Full Tilt gate kit and had the gate hanging within a hour of getting back to the job. Homeowner was able to put water in the pool sooner then expected. Saves time and money. Great products makes happy customers. I will be using this product in the future and I highly recommend it. Thanks to every one at Smith Brothers.

Best on the market. A+

Rocky Ochle

Owner, Rock Solid Fence

Awesome install by Rock Solid Fence

Awesome install by Rock Solid Fence

Thank you, Smith Brothers. Your gate brackets allowed me to build a quality gate for a tricky opening and saved me time and money. I just completed an ornamental steel fence between columns which required a 14.5′ double gate for a construction entrance. Although I doubt it is recommended, the Full Tilt brackets were strong enough to support a seven foot gate leaf and versatile enough to make up for the sag inherent in residential steel fence panels. I had this gate quoted through my supplier and it would have cost over $700 plus shipping with a three week wait time. That’s with no guarantee that it would fit and not to mention a big truss rod holding it up. With your brackets I spent $260 on materials and less than 2 hours labor and was able to assemble a cleaner looking gate that was custom fit to the grade of the opening. I will never wait for a racked gate again.

Lance Herndon

Owner, Freedom Boards LLC

14.5′ double-drive gate by Freedom Boards

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